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Compack works with organizations across industries on multiple fronts. Compack works in collaboration with teams on multiple fronts –

Compack’s research team has individuals coming across industries & veterans in the industries, who have been working in & for the packaging industry for over 20 years.

Compack has its in-house research team but Compack is & has been a believer in “working collaboratively” type of model, Compack collaborates with the most efficient teams & individuals across for research projects.

A Case Study

A global company who has been working in India for over 10 years, in the children games & entertainment segment, was struggling with finding reliable vendors to manufacture their products.

Over the period of 3 months, Compack successfully audited over 3 reliable vendors in a geography, produced prototype & sample orders from multiple vendors, created an audit report & assisted the organization with alternative vendors. Now Compack also assists the company with procurement for over 20 million packets annually.